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Welcome to Senn Konstruktionswerkstätte AG

Senn Konstruktionswerkstätte AG has been manufacturing special machinery since 1980. We offer engineering solutions in the fields of prototype machinery, production lines and project engineering.

Most of our products can be manufactured, assembled and tested in our own workshops in Therwil. Explore our website to get an idea of what we do and feel free to contact us with your own technical needs. We will gladly help you find a solution for your specific product idea!

Company Overview:

Product Design / Engineering:

Based on our customers needs we develop product solutions for machinery and devices which cannot be bought off the shelf from regular suppliers. Most of our products are being manufactured in our own plant in Therwil. Pure engineering projects are also possible.


Our products are designed on state-of-the-art 3D CAD software. Other engineering tools include FE analysis and a variety of other softwares for calculations, structrual analysis, etc.


Many of our product parts are machined on our CNC mills and lathes.

Machine Assembly & Commissioning:

Machine assembly and commissioning are generally done in-house. Machine control systems are provided by our trusted partner companies.

Our Strengths:

We are a small size business working for customers from many different industrial fields. Our company size allows very flexible and efficient project management and high quality execution.

David Senn

Managing Director

Mechanical Engineer ETH

Martina Senn

Finance Manager

MSc in Business Administration

Designer FH in Visual Communication

Stefan Haberthür

Technical Office Manager

Mechanical Engineer FH

BSc Mechanical Engineering FH

Patrick Thierwächter

Production Manager

Lukas Eichelberg

Team Leader Assembly

Kevin Iten

Team Leader Locksmithery

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