Rumble strip testing

The new VSS standard "SN 640 885-2015 signalization of construction sites" requires the use of rumble strips in the area of track barriers on Swiss motorways.


Rumble strips alert inattentive road user, in order to avoid a collision with the following construction site.

The use of a secure and stable rumble strip is fundamental in the course of implementing a rumble strip concept. Please consider the accompanying video of the practice test of different rumble strip types.


To safely and efficiently perform the process of laying out and picking up rumble strips, SennAG has developed several devices, which significantly facilitate the handling of rumble strips.


Our products have been successfully implemented on Swiss motorways since 2011.


Within our product range, you will also find the right device for your own operation!


For further information on our newly developed products, please refer to the following brochure:


Senn-SWL_Gamme de modèles_V1-2.pdf

Distribution partner for Switzerland:

FRIKE electronic AG



This device allows to place and pick up traffic cones in a fully automatic manner, which leads to an increased work safety in the areas of street barriers.


Traffic cones can be placed and picked up in different positions behind and alongside the vehicle.


The Traffic cone Placement and Pickup Device can be operated from one person alone, who does not need to leave the driver's cabin.


For more information, please refer to the following brochure:


Senn-LKS-2017_Poseuse de cônes.pdf


These lifting yokes are used for the handling of Jersey lock elements by cranes.

  • Max. loading capacity: 3‘000 kg.

  • Powder-coated structural components.

  • RAL color of choice.

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