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Development, design and construction of a low-cost Soapbox kit through Senn AG.

The kit can be purchased here.


The kit - easy and secure

Not everyone is born as a craftsman; that's why the soapbox kit exists.

It contains everything you need for a stable soapbox: Wheels, axles, steering and braking, all nuts and bolts and a construction manual.


The steering system consists of a kart steering wheel in a three-spoke design with a plastic surface, chromed steering column, anodized steering wheel, mounting and surface-treated metal parts.


The all-round-welded disk wheels have an integrated bearing, the high-quality air tires (with schrader valve) ensure ideal roll characteristics.


The brake acts on both rear wheels and has a high power transmission because of the well thought-out design. The components are galvanized.

Construction manual

In the construction manual, the assembly of the components is visually explained step by step, so that the soapbox construction is easy for everyone to master.

Bolts and nuts

All necessary small parts such as screws, nuts or extension springs are supplied.

Non-supplied components

The floor panel is not included in the scope of delivery for the purpose of posting. The kit is, however, designed so that you can use a commercially available formwork panel with the dimensions 150x50x1,8cm for your soap box.

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