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The Kinetic Pixel Curtain (KPC) is a unique show installation at the BMW Brand Experience Center near Zurich, Switzerland. It is part of a car showroom.

While the showroom surroundings were done by our customer Expomobilia AG, Senn AG had built the actual mirror curtain, including all drives and control systems.

End Customer: BMW Brand Experience Center, Dielsdorf

Customer & General Contractor: Expomobilia AG


General concept: Luxoom

Sound and show coordination: Tweaklab

Pixel Drive controls: 01mechatronics

Pixel Drives: Maxon Motors

In summer 2019 the world-famous open-air stage of Bregenz was featuring Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Rigoletto".

The spectacular stage design, consisting of a 14 m high movable head of a clown and two big hands represents the main character Rigoletto himself. His right hand - 8 m high and weighing 8.5 tons - was produced by Senn AG. Its 8 hydraulic joints allow it to move smoothly in a vast variety of positions and playfully lift up to 4 actors at a time.

Costumer: Expomobilia AG

Mobile standing bars for the use at public events.

  • Simple assembly and disassembly.

  • Compact transportable.

  • Possibilities for ballast, respectively ground anchors for outdoor use.

Costumer: Habegger AG

Design and manufacture of 24 so-called "Energy Trees" for the Swiss Pavilion at the Expo 2017 in Astana, KZ.

Expomobilia AG

Atelier Öi

Präsenz Schweiz

"Hanging Tree"

Rotating "Hanging Tree" for the stand of FIYTA Watches at Baselworld 2017

Costumer: Expomobilia AG

In 2013–2015, Senn AG was able to implement various facilities to the dramatic scene of Thunerseespiele:

  • 2013: A hydraulically retractable submarine tower of 5 meters height with mechanical tilting steps for the appearance of the main character in the "The visit of the old lady".

  • 2014: Two trolley winch operated for the opening and closing of the two-part, 8 meters high Tutankhamen mask in the middle of the stage. "AIDA" will be performed this time.

  • 2015: A hydraulic tilt cab, 9 meters high flamed heart for "Romeo & Juliet".

Costumer: Thunerseespiele AG

Mechanism for a decorative display on the occasion of the special exhibition "Umbrella – from everyday object to piece of art" from 24.10.2015 until 03.04.2016 in Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel.

Costumer: Kostüm Kaiser AG

Various motion mechanisms for the display animation "Reared and topped up" from 22.03.2013 until 15.05.2013 in Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

Costumer: Kostüm Kaiser AG

Storefronts' Decoration

Storefront decoration on the occasion of the exhibition "Compartments and their mysteries" from 17.10.2009 until 05.04.2010 in Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel.

Costumer: Kostüm Kaiser AG

A retro-look stationary bike for the exhibition of Kambly Erlebnis in Trubschachen.

The pedaling starts a film sequence on the screen in front of the bike.

Costumer: Habegger AG

Public game of time measurement and highscore function.

Feasible in different shapes and sizes.

Costumer: Adcom AG

Winbox for drawing in whirling draw lots at public events.

Available with individual branding.

Costumer: Adcom AG


  • Transportable multi-piece.

  • Available with individual branding.

Costumer: Adcom AG

Mechanism of mini-golf course

Mini-golf courts with mechanically adjustable obstacles.

Pressing the buzzers changes the degree of difficulty of the course.

Costumer: Adcom AG

Mobile climbing wall

This mobile climbing wall reaches a climbing height of 9 meters in normal operation - for competitions even 12 meters, thanks to an extension.

The adjustment system with screw jack elements also allows for overhang. The wall is transported in folded status as semi-trailer.

For more information, regarding the rental of this wall, visit:

"Cardinal Lounge" at Gurtenfestival 2011 in Bern.

Technical consulting, construction plan and wind static equilibrium.

Customer: Dock5

"Corona Lounge"

Modular designed lounge for marketing events.

Construction concept and execution through Senn AG.

Customer: Dock5

"Stand Delaneau"

Exhibition stand of "Delaneau" at Basel world 2012.

Design and structural analysis of the container structures through

Senn AG.

Costumer: Dock5

Bottle wall Swissmilk

LED wall made of about 8'000 bottles of milk.

Konstruktion, Statik und Fertigung der modularen Tragstruktur durch die Senn AG.

Costumer: Swissmilk

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