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In recent years Senn AG has designed and constructed various industrial furnaces for different areas of applications.

Conveying applications continually demand solutions, which are not available as standard equipment on the market.
This is where costumized solutions from Senn AG come into play.

This costumized system for the laser cutting of glass fibre fire blankets was developed and
manufactured by Senn AG. It allows the automatic cutting and stacking of fire blankets from a roll.
The system replaces a previous, more complex 2-stage process, in which the cut surface is sprayed beforehand with
glue and then separated with a die cut.

Costumer: Herba-Plastic AG

On this plant, roof window cupola shells of different formats are flexibly manufactured in 3 steps.

  • Heating of the disk by means of an IR heater panel.

  • Pressing and inflating the disc to a cupola shape.

  • Cooling.

The various process steps run at different stations simultaneously, allowing ongoing operation with minimum space requirements.

Customer: ISBA AG

The accompanying gallery features a variety of costumized applications by Senn AG.

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